3d graphics for Standard ML

Standard ML

  • MLton web site

    SML3d is implemented using MLton, which is a whole-program compiler for Standard ML.

  • SML/NJ web site

    Parts of the SML3d code base are generated from specification files using tools written in SML. These tools are implemented on top of SML/NJ. SML3d also depends on tools and libraries from the SML/NJ project that have been ported to MLton.


  • OpenGL web site

    The primary source of information about the OpenGL API, including specifications, man pages, and discussion forums.

  • OpenGL Core API Reference

    Documentation about the Core Profile of the latest version of the OpenGL API.

  • OpenCL specification

    OpenCL is a library for using your GPU hardware as an accelarator for floating-point computations. It is available on all Intel Macs running recent versions of MacOS X and can also be installed on Linux and Windows by downloading the appropriate drivers from NVIDIA or AMD.